Marek Lorens x LED Labs during the Designers Play Sustain 2024 competition.

On April 25, 2024, at the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology, the Grand Finale of the first upcycling fashion competition in Poland, Designers Play Sustain, will take place.

During the event, designer Marek Lorens will present his original object made from a unique composite, created from waste and textiles, using LUMINES LIGHTING LED technology as a modern, efficient, and low-emission light source. The technology will be provided by LED Labs - the Polish leader in linear LED lighting systems.

With the use of design and contemporary urban spatial thinking, the author aimed to create a product that not only illuminates spaces and buildings but also visualizes air quality through colors.

Upcycling is the process of transforming used, worn, or unnecessary materials into products of higher value or quality than the original ones. Unlike recycling, which involves processing materials into similar products (e.g., processing glass bottles into new glass bottles), upcycling often involves turning waste into products with greater aesthetic, functional, or ecological value. Glass bottles can be upcycled by transforming them into designer lamps or artistic glass. Upcycling promotes sustainable development by reducing waste and using existing resources in a more creative and efficient way. 

An example of upcycling is the original project by Marek Lorens, created in collaboration with LUMINES LIGHTING technology from LED Labs. 

Marek Lorens: 

The idea was to create a product made of Vive Texcellence composite, composed of destroyed clothing (60%) and single-use bags. The material has been produced for 8 years. It is waterproof, very durable, and suitable for reuse. We have been successfully using it for several years in construction, including reinforcing slopes, terraces, and facades, to fulfill its function as a lighting fixture even in such aggressive environments. We have achieved even more - the composite is a very durable material, textiles form a kind of reinforcement, and the whole thing can be 100% recycled multiple times, thus closing the cycle of the most difficult waste to dispose of, which is clothing. 

The REC luminaire can be equipped with an air quality sensor, and its condition can be visualized using appropriate light colors. Thanks to the combination of innovation in design and modern low-emission LED lighting technology, a very interesting product has been created that responds to the challenges of the modern world. Soon we will provide more information about it. 

Marek Lorens. Architect. Entrepreneur. Building and interior designer. Designer. Owner of a design office. 

He gained experience by carrying out projects in the best studios in Warsaw, Vienna, and Bavaria, including for OP Architekten and Broadway Malyan. 

Since 2007, he has co-managed the Lorens AiD studio, and in 2017, Office Tailors was established - an office creation studio. He manages a team of designers, supervises contracts and administrative processes. He specializes in architecture and interior design projects and implementations. He won the Grand Prix in a competition for the new center of Warsaw, second place in a competition for the Chopin Museum in Warsaw, received an award for the best building in eastern Poland, and the "One of 7 Wonders of Poland National Geographic" award for the Interactive Museum of the Teutonic State in Działdowo. 

Among his projects are the residence of the Polish Ambassador in Berlin and the project of the first Hermès Paris salon in Poland. He co-created his own brand of office furniture, presented in Milan, Frankfurt, Kortrijk, and other international fairs. He worked on lamp collections for companies such as Foscarini and Artemide. 

LED Labs. Polish manufacturer, leader in the category of linear LED lighting systems, and creator of the world's only 3D tool for creating personalized linear lighting systems - K3D Lumines Lighting. 

LED Labs is about passion and determination in changing the way we think about LED lighting.  Technology and solutions that we provides, creates a unique experience for Users and have a positive impact on the world and the environment. 

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