LUMINES PLATO groove profile

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LUMINES PLATO groove profile

Cross section

Double LED profile for installation between two plasterboard sheets. Allows for fast installation using screws and finishing with plaster without the need for a mounting mesh.

LED strip width:
2 x 12 mm

Color variations:
- anodized silver,
- lacquered white (RAL9016),
- lacquered black (RAL9005 mat),
- nonanodized

- inserted between the plates

COVERS (diffusers):

* transparent,
* frozen,
* milky,
* milky frosted,
* black
Mounted from the top, snap-on.

plastic caps with push-holee in 4 color variations (white, black, lacquered silver, gray)

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Installation diagrams

Installation instructions for the PLATO profile with a DOUBLE cover recessed between the boards using screws
The end result of the installation of the PLATO profile with a DOUBLE cover recessed between the boards, fixed with screws and then covered with a plaster
Assembly schematic for the elements of the lighting system using recessed profile PLATO and (1) a DOUBLE cover, (2) a LED strip, (3) end caps
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